Ivan Piseta On Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I heard this song at first when I saw the last episode from Chuck, an american TV Show, and turned out as a song for this year, as the lyrics fit perfectly for what I'm feeling knowing my exchange in Germany will be over soon. I sing it all the time to myself, mostly riding my bike, I just can't avoid. On my Eurotour I sang so many times as well, finally I sang when Jakub was next to me and he told me he heard it life in a concert... Then we started singing it together, simply amazing!

This is as well the reason of the title of the blog... First of all I saw this amazing template and I had in mind the idea of creating a blog with the best songs ever... So I went to the title and as this song is my favorite one at the moment I start singing the lyrics knowing something would come to me... Well, "And they are going to BETTER PLACES... But our friends will be gone away". Suddenly just completed the hole meaning of this blog: posting songs and videos that make us go to moments that are just like better places.

One day after I created the blog one more idea came to my mind: share this amazing blog with the two people with the best taste for music ever: Victoria and Jakub! And now, since they inspired me for this and helped me so much, it is OUR fucking awesome idea, I just feel this project will be amazing! You can expect better posts from them, but I'll do my best to keep their level!

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