I’ve been single for more than 1 year now. Last year, after 2 months of being single and happy with it, I had this deep inside feeling I wanted to date again. To have a partner, to fall in love and feel all the passion it involves. Maybe it was not even a desire, but an obsession. An obsession that made me think I was in love several times. 3 to be more precise, 4 if I count the relapses about my ex.

2018 is a new era in my life. I don’t want this obsession anymore, I don’t want to be looking for completion in another people. I want complitude in myself. Solitude instead of loneliness.

And this piece of art I’ve just presented you guys above makes me feel passionate again. But this time, with my life, with what I am achieving with this whole process, with the infinitude of what I can become.

Being single was an opportunity to discover myself further. I want to value specially that I discover the potential to expand my relations, my attitude towards meeting new people all the time, making new friends, and having great moments not from long-term relationships, but from sympathy and synchronicity, what we Brazilians call having the same vibe.

I’m glad that despite many anxiety crisis, I had this willpower to continue discovering myself, and having great moments.

I’m shaken now, a 5th time, but finally with my own. Maybe a 6th with Troye Sivan and this song. It breathes sensations.

Shine on, diamond
Don't make me wait another day
Cause passion is passion
You know it just as well as me

Playlist #47 (The Dø - Dust it off)

Saturday, January 17, 2015
Posted by Ivan Piseta

What if two people are meant to be together? What if we came to earth already with bound to someone else? Yes, I am a believer of the old and horrifying "meant to be". It is really fucking scary, because what if you find your true one and only love of your life and you mess it up with it? Or if the person dies or if something as stubbornness hold them apart for a hole life?

This song is both light and heavy. Happy and sad. Inspirational and horrifying. I heard it from the "I Origins" movie and this description is therefore inspired on what Sofi says and what the movie means to me.

As my mom always says: detach, let it go, because we won't keep anything material from this life on. Or as the song says: dust if off. We can meet in another life (fucking horrifying).

Don't be tempted to look back
It has all happen before
Someday miracular spread will forgive
Every cowardly thing that you've done.

That I've done.
Dust it off.

Edit: after some time (and some shit done) I caught better the meaning of this song (or maybe it became a little different for me). Maybe not in another life, but if two people that are meant to be together mess it up and do things so powerfuly hurtful? (is this right?) The song says exactly what we need to do: dust if off. And for me, love is greater than that.

Where soul meets body is where I want to be. I really believe that for being well a person needs to be ok with body, mind and soul. Asfor, everyday is a battle for happiness and only the brave ones can achieve that. Also, I don't see it as something final, something you get finally at some point. I actually see it as an everyday brick by brick fight. And this is how I try to live and for that I like to talk through my problems, to understand them, to understand myself and change what I think is not good. 

Braveness is even harder, because you have to learn each day to let go of things and people. I think something I already achieved is the way to let go of material stuff and there my mom had a really important role. Although it was not clear during my childhood, now I can see how good it is to let go - that doesn't mean, of course, that I don't value what I have, because I also believe on effort... it's just I don't get very sad or obsessed over things like that, but I rather value good actions and efforts over objects. 

People though... They are hard to let go. Specially their actions. That's something very hard for me, as I absorve everything so fast and it's so hard for me to let it pass. Rationally, I know I should just leave it behind, but my heart and I dont know what else keep feeling and making me feel bad. 

Habits, they are the worst. I have a bad habit of complaining about everything, for example. And when it comes to changing, it is the hardest part, because even if you mentalize it you will end up doing again eventually, at least at the beginning. And people won't forget, even if you change - and that's actually the worst of it - cause no one values your effort for being a better person.

So, disciplining my head not to mind about everything and to have my body safe, healthy and relaxed are not enough. What else? Soul. Soul for me is about doing the good and the right, and that's why everything have to be conected, because I can only become a better person if I feel it is the right thing to do, that it is worthy even if its not on short terms. And that's why goodness has to be on my way.

Just about myself: I'll leave things behind for my own sake. Not only behind, but things aside to go my own way. Tired of misusing my own values, tired of making them against me. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N and that's it, what I don't have now maybe will come back again but I value what I have now. I've got heart (pretty smashed up though) but I'll go in my own way! Let's just leave it as abstract, confusing and unspeakable as it is.

On my last night on earth, I'll pay a high price
To have no regrets and be done with my life


This is just my new favorite song! This hole new album called Supermodel from Foster The People is just amazing!

When I first heard this song I thought automatically that it was a "Blues" song. Blues is a pub in my city where it plays a lot of good music such as Pop Rock, Folk, Indie and all along. So whenever I hear a song that fits its style I imagine myself having a nice time there with it. 

Well, of course I think about my best friends when I hear this song. But what else? Well, I'm a really concerned person about everyones problems. Yes, I am nosy. So their problems are my problems as their concerns are mine aswell. I can be really annoying when it comes to be an addiction such as cigarettes or alcohol - "Didn't you just smoke a cigarette? Why do you need another one?" I just can't stop thinking on all the problems this addictions can turn on future and how miserable and horrible it can get in future! 

When I look at myself I don't see how I could possibly be addicted to something in physical way. Because it's impossible that my personality would allow me to get to such a point that in my mind settles as the worst possibility ever. 

But then I think "sex" and... I lost, goodbye.

Playlist #43 (Icona Pop - I love It)

Sunday, January 5, 2014
Posted by Ivan Piseta

  This song reminds me of the beginning of college, when partying all the fucking time was a routine! Met so many people, went to so many places, did a lot of shit, had the best time of my life! OK STOP, I'm still having the best time of my life and I was having the best time of my life before that too!.. But it's weird to think that back then I thought I'd keep things like they were. I like things how they are now... We tried to party like back then, but its different now, I don't know why. Forget about it, the important thing is that I enjoyed everything and my memories will always keep me happy about it. 

  Talking about best time of my life... It has been three years now that I keep saying at the end of the year the same thing: IT WAS THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE! 


Wednesday, December 25, 2013
Posted by Ivan Piseta

  This summer I'm going to winter (you see, down the Equador line it is summer now!!)! I'm going to a nice place in the northwest of Italy, where I'll be doing voluntary work for six weeks - deliver lessons in Schools for teenagers between 11-18 years old about food security, human rights, environment and other topics like my own culture. The classes will be all in english, sooo, I have to prepare them all in Brazil before I go. By the way, I'm going on the January 15th and coming back to Brazil at the March 11th. As my voluntary job ends by the third of March, I'll be able to travel a little longer, besides the weekends.
  This is the second exchange I'm doing and it's amazing to see how many people are always involved on those things - first of all AIESEC, which you can get to know a little bit more in here, specially AIESEC Florianópolis, who has an amazing crew that inspired and helped me a lot in all the process of choosing a spot. And of course my family, who's always there for me and, undoubtedly, without their help, I wouldn't be able to do this. 
  Oh, and before anyone asks, the song from the video is called "Light me up", by Kathryn Ostenberg.

Foto by: Viajeaqui.abril.com.br

Playlist #42 (Passenger - I'll Be Your Man)

Sunday, December 15, 2013
Posted by Victoria Cunha

It's been a while, hun? Probably more than a year since my last post... So much has happened in my life, it is incredible how fast the time can pass by, and how many things - great and terrible - can happen.

Sometimes I just wish I had my old life back. Right back to where I was 24/7 happy, with the person I love the most, with all my true friends by my side, and in a place where I knew I could be whoever I wanted to. 

There was this one time when I read something about that feeling you have when you see someone. You get the chills all up your neck, you feel your heart beating like a punk rock drum, and all you want to do is just stare at this person's face. You don't need much, you just need to be there, watching something that can be meaningless for everyone, but is priceless to you. Everytime I looked at his face, I got this feeling, that I later discovered is called frisson, and I would be lying if I say I don't get it anymore, just because I don't see him anymore. It doesn't matter how far from each other we are, it doesn't matter how often we meet. Maybe there are 8401km separating us, maybe there is a street. What does matter is that everytime I have an insight and I caught myself thinking about him, or I look at old pictures, old memories of us, I have this frisson thing. And it sucks. Even though is a wonderful feeling, it sucks, because that way I know, I know I still have feelings for someone I will never be with. And that, my fellas, that hurts.

  I've decided to put a sequence this time because I love hearing Coeur D'Alene after Cats and Dogs, both from The Head and The Heart. Together, they make me feel in a quiet place, where I can only hear the birds with a cool breeze and the sun shining right at my face, while thinking about everything I went through this year and all the people I've met... It's amazing to look back and think that none of these people cared to me a year ago and now I just can't live without them, the things I did and would do for them...
 Further more, it makes me remember of all people I thought I couldn't live without and now I just have to. So many people that matters, that I get myself thinking, not being livingly close to them scares me sometimes, but two things I keep in mind - first is that we see people at least two times in life, and second that my heart will follow them wherever they are. 

I just have to copy this part of Coeur D'Alene here, pay attention:

Oh the songs people will sing for home
And for the ones that have been gone for too long
But oh the things people will do for the ones that they love

You try, you try and you try... And suddenly you explode again and no one notices how hard you are trying to keep calm and how hard you're trying to change. You can even feel like you are going backwards, but don't give up! STOP FIGHTING STOP FIGHTING STOP FIGHTING. RELAX RELAX RELAX. DON'T COMPLAIN DON'T COMPLAIN DON'T COMPLAIN.

Playlist #39 (Sea Perry - Run Run Run)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Posted by Ivan Piseta

  When waking up is the hardest thing, it is because once you get out of bed you won't stop running. That's how my life is nowadays. And that is all because of College. Every week I have a test or an assignment or whatever you call that in College to get done. And your friends are still there, and your girlfriend or boyfriend is still there. Luckily, me and my best friends are in the same class. But still, we just want some time to chill! Can't wait for the end of the semester. Anyway, college is surely the best time of our lives so far. Because even though I'm studying like crazy, I'm studying something I love! And we hope, and we dream that this will get us somewhere, and we will if we just run run run.

  How do you measure if something is really worthy? If too much time was spent with it maybe you can think that it was kind of a waste of time or something like that. I can just say that my heart, when in peace, when someone makes me feel so good with myself and makes me so happy, nothing is lost. The only thing I regret is being somone I'm not. I feel different now, not in a rush for my plans, I want to see the time flowing with respect to my happiness. We've got as much time as we need and when we are together we have our own time. 

  Well, this is the first brazilian song I posted here, enjoy it! (ok, this version is from a movie "O Homem do Futuro" ~The man from the future~, but the original version is from a band called "Legião Urbana", which is really famous in Brazil, it touched the teenage years of many people).

This song reminds me of my friend Bárbara, from college, who likes to say we have to "kick" all the time, meaning that we have to party,  to dance, and to have fun all the time. I'd love to hear this song at a party but unfortunately is unkown by most... It's a good vibe!

Playlist #37 (Deceptacon - Le Tigre)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Posted by Ivan Piseta

THIS IS A MOTHERFUCKING SONG TO DANCE LIKE A RETARD WITH YOUR BEST FRIENDS IN A CLUB NOT CARING WHO IS WATCHING! I heard it first time in a pub called Blues Velvet in Florianópolis, the city where I live and go to University now. THAT PUB, jeeesus, is the best place to go if you want to hear really good music. So this song makes me remember of me and my friends dancing it, everyone with its own rhythm and pace, and like crazy people!

  This song reminds me of an amazing Friday night i had a few months ago, after a pretty shitty weak. My apartment was a mess, I had no food on the refrigerator, there were tons of tests I needed to study for and, on top of that, I had to deal with some family problems. I got really stressed and was afraid to fail my classes. I remember that my buddies and me stayed up all night, on every day of that weak, studying, smoking, drinking coffee and eating junk food, slowly killing ourselves. But we got through it, and when all the tests, the challenges, the difficulties and the troubles were over, we went out and celebrated. We partied, we laughed, we danced and we met some girls. At the end of it, it was like my mind finally found some peace, and I was finally happy, simply happy. In the end, it doesn’t matter how bad things may seen to be, keep going and, eventually, they will come around.

By Vitor Piseta from Brazil (my brother)
You can write a post too! Just send me (ivanpiseta@gmail.com) your song describing your feelings about it just like the rest of the blog. 

 When I heard this song I felt it was one more for this amazing playlist that we are building here...
 My cousin showed me this band last week and it amused me very much. Other song from them I liked was "We are nowhere and it's now". Well, this song just brings me messed up memories from once I was forcing or thinking I was in love... "But I rather be working for a paycheck than waiting to win the lottery".

Oh, and check out this Ukulele version, its really nice. 

 How could I tell you to wait for me and to patient? How could I almost waste our love and try to frozen our feelings and our love for the future? I told her I had to go, that for now it wouldn't work because we are far away... I told her to be balanced, altought she was in tears, tears that showed how devastated she was. I was cold, I kept thinking I was doing the right think not to hurt her again, that I had to let her go for now in order to be happy with myself. I was wrong. You don't plan or wait for love.

 I guess this song is originally from Birdy, but I like this version much better.

 This is how I would feel if I haven't corrected the most stupid decision I ever made, I'm happy we fixed it! And I really love this song! Mumford and Sons always makes me find myself during dark times.

 I don't want to wake up from this dream. I don't want to be the one who left for coldness. I won't lie to you. I'm still in love and I want to be happy NOW. No plans for love, just living the moment and feeling good about my decisions and with myself like I always feel when I'm with you. I'm sorry.

 Isn't just awesome to be simply in love? To have someone to care for you and to just hug and kiss all the time, to share your happiness, to be silly in love... Oh God, what a nice lady can do to a man...
 I've never heard of Andy Grammer before, but his voice is great, right? Just related to the song because I'm really happy with my lover!


Thursday, March 14, 2013
Posted by Ivan Piseta

 So when my exchange year began (oh yes one more post about his exchange year, bla bla bla), I've discovered a hole new way to go to places. YES, riding a bike was not something I was used to do in Brazil, first of all because its dangerous to go riding your bike around my city and the distances are too big. In Germany thought, I could go EVERYWHERE! Of course I didn't traveled with it, but I could just go to the train station with it and leave my bike locked there. A bicicle now represents freedom for me. Probably I'll do a tattoo of it someday.

So, enjoy this video and this exciting song.

Playslit #31 (Yellow - Coldplay)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Posted by Ivan Piseta

Ok, this well-known song is being posted here because it made me feel really good in a harsh time. Right after being back at Brazil, I started studying for my "SIT's" (the " because in Brazil we actually have a thing called Vestibular, which is kinda different). So it was about four months isolated at home studying like six hours a day. THIS, after the craziest year of my life, so it was hard to just stand alone at home. But some things, like this song, which I probably listened to every week, normaly when I was preparing myself to study, made my life easier. But after some time, I've noticed it wasn't that painfull, because I was following my dreams, I kept my mind busy!

 And I was so focused that I actually got into the University of Santa Catarina, to study International Relationships. IT STARTS IN TWO WEEKS, new life!

Playlist #30 (Spinner - Revolverheld)

Friday, February 22, 2013
Posted by Victoria Cunha

I can easily say that this song is one of the reasons why I wanted to learn how to speak German and why I wanted so much to get to know the german culture better. Not only my sister showed me this amazing song by Revolverheld but one of my best friends who also speak German (and he didn't even was an exchange student!) is amazed by their music too. And there is the reason why this song means so much to me. Despite the distance between us, this friend of mine is simply one of the best things that ever happened to me. It is kind of funny to say that I met him on the internet and we became such good friends, but yes, it's true. From early 2008 until now, he has been something special to me and I have no words or acts to thank him enough. We sure know when we find a nice, beautiful and true friendship when we see ourselves spending time talking with the same person for years, doesn't matter where we are. I have moved to other cities for about 3 times and we are still really good friends, what makes me actually really proud of me. All my life I have been making friends wherever I go, is it at the subway station, my new classroom or at the mall. But one thing I am sure: the true friends are few, and I am glad to know I have the best ones.

Thank you all. You'll know if you're one of them when you read this. The best ones are special.


 I admit I am way too suspicious to talk about this song, since I have been falling in love for every single song with banjo, drums and a simple vocal. But what Phillip Phillips makes me feel is just something special. I know I always say songs make me feel special because they touch me inside where nothing else can, and everything I always want to do is to run away trying to find myself in this world. But yeah, this is actually what I always want to do. This song, specially, remind me of my closest friends. I have been back home for about 6 months now, and I know I couldn't make without them. I've had the most difficult time in my whole life with all the coming-home-after-an-exchange thing, knowing all my best friends are out there in the world, in places I have never imagined. After all the "problems" I had these past months, even though I knew I could count on them, I didn't know all of my friends would be there for me whenever I needed them, and that is exactly what happened: I had this really hard moment and I could not have passed through this without my friends being there for me. Even when we were gone gone gone, we know we will always be there for each other. And this is how I thank you all for being the best friends in the whole world.

You know when someone makes you feel so good by just being who you are? This song is related to my girlfriend here in Brasil. She makes me feel safe and sufficient with myself. She is everything I've asked and more, I've never felt like this before with someonelse. Before we date we were already good friends and when I talked to her about my problems I always felt better. And being around her was even more, maybe that's why she's so special, because I feel like I'm home wherever I'm with her.

I'm preparing my stuff to go to the beach house today. Me and my family will stay there for about 10 days. It's never easy for me, the idea of staying "isolated" from the rest of the world, that's why I don't really like going to the beach house. But I will enjoy these 10 days to read some books, like The Casual Vacancy, from J. K. Rowling, which I won as a Christmas gift... Or to make a video about my last days in Germany, which I intend to post here as soon it gets ready. And I'll enjoy the place by itself... Well, beach won't be that bad.

Playlist #26 (Make It Mine - Jason Mraz)

Saturday, December 22, 2012
Posted by Ivan Piseta

This song is really inspiring for me. As I work for my future to become a successful person, I feel complete, because I know I'll try as hard as I can to have a wonderful lifetime. I want to study International Relationships in College and maybe in the future become a Diplomat. I'll make this world all mine.

Playlist #25 (Disparate Youth - Santigold)

Thursday, December 20, 2012
Posted by Ivan Piseta

This is a song for moments after some chaos. Like theres lots of concerns and somehow you nailed it. So you are in a car looking out the window as the view outside goes by and you think about what comes next. Something is raising, something is about to come, doesn't matter wether its bad or good.

Guys... Just feel this..... (reactions), RIGHT?

This video is incredibly funny and always when I see it I swear to myself I have to learn how to dance the coreography! First time I've seen it was when I got back from a date and got really excited about how the things were going on in my life. It turned out to be a reason to celebrate.

This reminds me so much of my last few months and how happy and quirky I felt with you guys. I truly was in paradise. xoxo Miss you with all my heart.

- By Tony Baumann from the US (Stillwater - Minnesota)

This is a new project from BP. I wanted this to be more interactive and to have more brains sharing their songs and to which places they lead them to. YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Just send me (ivanpiseta@gmail.com) your song describing your feelings about it just like the rest of the blog. 

Once again this is a song that reminds me of my german friends. But now its hard for me, because I left Germany and I'll  hardly see them again. They are the thing I miss most about my Exchange Year and I'd anything to hang out with this crew one more time.
Mumford and Sons released on September their new Album called Babel. As you can see by this song, ITS FUCKING AMAZING! The hole album is good to listen and to chill with it, I sincerely liked all the songs. Just feel it and enjoy it!

I miss all of you. I hope your lives are as happy as you have made mine. I love you all. :)

This song I dedicate to my girlfriend. She's the first girlfriend I ever had and I think both of us used this relationship to discover ourselves, I've learned a lot with it and my feeling only grows. Its a pity that I'll have to say goodbye to her. It was a "summer love" for me and I'm only bringing good things from it. It's not bad to be happy, it's not bad to start a relationship knowing it will have to end and enjoying your last moments in the best way.

I'm posting a very famous song with a total dance style, something that I really didn't want to do... But the meaning and story I have related to this song are just that amazing:

It was just one more normal Barbecue here in Germany with my usual friends that turned into a crazy party. We were all in the mood to do something "different" when one of my friends suggested that we should go swimming, without clothes. We went to this canal next to the house we were and all jumped naked on the water, it was awesome, one of my best days of my year. After swimming we climbed on this old part of bridge, which I jumped earlier from, and started to dance like crazy with the music coming from the boom box we'd brought. Skinny dipping is awesome! 

Heads Will Roll is also one of the many good songs that were played on the Project X movie.

Usually this song made me feel good about my own fights, feeling that I' making my own part and I don't need to flatter myself about it.
Then, I was going to Bremen to take my plane to London and we put this song on the car. It was only the beginning of our trip of two days on the city I most wished to go in this world! I was with two great friends, Lukas and Josi and we had a great time, seeing everything possible in two days on the English capital. We heard and sang this song the hole time. It will always bring me the best memories. 

I really like how Neon Trees brings this old style mixed in their songs. For me this song represents all the fun from falling in love or just flirting. All the looks, doing dumb things to call attention, feeling awesome with your own appearance even thought you look ridiculous, trying to look cool... It makes me see all of this in a funny way. I feel like I could wear a black leather jacket and walk around blinking to the chicks.

Playlist #18 (AU - Ida Walked Away)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Posted by Jakub.Wrobel

This song doesn't need much explanation. Just listen and watch, then see what you feel like.

18 more days and it will all be gone. All the 11 months we spent together, all the moments we cried together, screamed together, drank together, fought together, they will all be gone. But the memories will stay, so as the photos, songs, videos, everything that reminds me of them. Each person I met this year has an incredibly special place in my heart and soul, but some of them are even more special. And sometimes, all I want to do is to put everything behind and just enjoy the moments we have left together. It can be harder than it looks like, but if we do our best, we can do it. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the entire world for having the opportunity to get to know these amazing people. Now we are leaving, our families and homes are waiting for us after a year apart, it is now time to go back and start a new life, which actually is the old one, but with the new you.

Listening to "Daylight" only reminds me that I have had the best friends in the world and in every single second that we were together, we enjoyed as it was our last time. And now that we only have almost 3 weeks left, we are trying to spend most of the time together because we know we will never going to see each other again. Maybe we will, but not in those circumstances.

"and in the daylight we can hitchhike to Maine,
I hope that someday I’ll see without these frames,
and in the daylight I don’t pick up my phone,
‘cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home,
I have five clocks in my life,
and only one has the time right I’ll just unplug it for today"

Good moments are brought in my mind when I hear Tongue Tied. I'm talking again about my German friends, I've never had a group of friends like that, so funny, happy, cool and that makes me feel so good with simple things. Although they are younger than me, it looks like they are more mature and definitely more independent. I hang out with them almost everyday and I was not used to do this in Brazil. This hole text may be very silly but it's not only about these friends, it is also the context I have them and the hole things I shared with them, this is a feeling I can't even explain well. It is something very new and important for me and I'll miss their faces like hell.