Ivan Piseta On Sunday, June 3, 2012

Have you ever felt like you fucked up everything you tried so long and so hard to get? Little Lion Man makes me think about all the moments I thought everything was lost. Sometimes, I do something very stupid and I notice it later, but people don't really care because everyone has their own problems and lifes. But I keep that in mind and in my head everyone cares about it and I get trapped in my crazy thoughts where everyone is judging and hating me. I really relate to this song, I've been changing a lot this last years and I had to fix so many mistakes. But the thing is, I've started seeing problems on me an not on the others, when things got wrong I looked for the problem on me, its always my fault and I'm wrong. Saying I'm sorry doesn't take much courage and I got used to saying it.

Oh, if I had learned with my mother before...

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