Ivan Piseta On Tuesday, May 7, 2013

  This song reminds me of an amazing Friday night i had a few months ago, after a pretty shitty weak. My apartment was a mess, I had no food on the refrigerator, there were tons of tests I needed to study for and, on top of that, I had to deal with some family problems. I got really stressed and was afraid to fail my classes. I remember that my buddies and me stayed up all night, on every day of that weak, studying, smoking, drinking coffee and eating junk food, slowly killing ourselves. But we got through it, and when all the tests, the challenges, the difficulties and the troubles were over, we went out and celebrated. We partied, we laughed, we danced and we met some girls. At the end of it, it was like my mind finally found some peace, and I was finally happy, simply happy. In the end, it doesn’t matter how bad things may seen to be, keep going and, eventually, they will come around.

By Vitor Piseta from Brazil (my brother)
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