Ivan Piseta On Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ok, this well-known song is being posted here because it made me feel really good in a harsh time. Right after being back at Brazil, I started studying for my "SIT's" (the " because in Brazil we actually have a thing called Vestibular, which is kinda different). So it was about four months isolated at home studying like six hours a day. THIS, after the craziest year of my life, so it was hard to just stand alone at home. But some things, like this song, which I probably listened to every week, normaly when I was preparing myself to study, made my life easier. But after some time, I've noticed it wasn't that painfull, because I was following my dreams, I kept my mind busy!

 And I was so focused that I actually got into the University of Santa Catarina, to study International Relationships. IT STARTS IN TWO WEEKS, new life!

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