Victoria Cunha On Friday, February 22, 2013

I can easily say that this song is one of the reasons why I wanted to learn how to speak German and why I wanted so much to get to know the german culture better. Not only my sister showed me this amazing song by Revolverheld but one of my best friends who also speak German (and he didn't even was an exchange student!) is amazed by their music too. And there is the reason why this song means so much to me. Despite the distance between us, this friend of mine is simply one of the best things that ever happened to me. It is kind of funny to say that I met him on the internet and we became such good friends, but yes, it's true. From early 2008 until now, he has been something special to me and I have no words or acts to thank him enough. We sure know when we find a nice, beautiful and true friendship when we see ourselves spending time talking with the same person for years, doesn't matter where we are. I have moved to other cities for about 3 times and we are still really good friends, what makes me actually really proud of me. All my life I have been making friends wherever I go, is it at the subway station, my new classroom or at the mall. But one thing I am sure: the true friends are few, and I am glad to know I have the best ones.

Thank you all. You'll know if you're one of them when you read this. The best ones are special.


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