Ivan Piseta On Tuesday, December 10, 2013

  I've decided to put a sequence this time because I love hearing Coeur D'Alene after Cats and Dogs, both from The Head and The Heart. Together, they make me feel in a quiet place, where I can only hear the birds with a cool breeze and the sun shining right at my face, while thinking about everything I went through this year and all the people I've met... It's amazing to look back and think that none of these people cared to me a year ago and now I just can't live without them, the things I did and would do for them...
 Further more, it makes me remember of all people I thought I couldn't live without and now I just have to. So many people that matters, that I get myself thinking, not being livingly close to them scares me sometimes, but two things I keep in mind - first is that we see people at least two times in life, and second that my heart will follow them wherever they are. 

I just have to copy this part of Coeur D'Alene here, pay attention:

Oh the songs people will sing for home
And for the ones that have been gone for too long
But oh the things people will do for the ones that they love

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