Victoria Cunha On Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's been a while, hun? Probably more than a year since my last post... So much has happened in my life, it is incredible how fast the time can pass by, and how many things - great and terrible - can happen.

Sometimes I just wish I had my old life back. Right back to where I was 24/7 happy, with the person I love the most, with all my true friends by my side, and in a place where I knew I could be whoever I wanted to. 

There was this one time when I read something about that feeling you have when you see someone. You get the chills all up your neck, you feel your heart beating like a punk rock drum, and all you want to do is just stare at this person's face. You don't need much, you just need to be there, watching something that can be meaningless for everyone, but is priceless to you. Everytime I looked at his face, I got this feeling, that I later discovered is called frisson, and I would be lying if I say I don't get it anymore, just because I don't see him anymore. It doesn't matter how far from each other we are, it doesn't matter how often we meet. Maybe there are 8401km separating us, maybe there is a street. What does matter is that everytime I have an insight and I caught myself thinking about him, or I look at old pictures, old memories of us, I have this frisson thing. And it sucks. Even though is a wonderful feeling, it sucks, because that way I know, I know I still have feelings for someone I will never be with. And that, my fellas, that hurts.

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