Ivan Piseta On Monday, July 14, 2014

This is just my new favorite song! This hole new album called Supermodel from Foster The People is just amazing!

When I first heard this song I thought automatically that it was a "Blues" song. Blues is a pub in my city where it plays a lot of good music such as Pop Rock, Folk, Indie and all along. So whenever I hear a song that fits its style I imagine myself having a nice time there with it. 

Well, of course I think about my best friends when I hear this song. But what else? Well, I'm a really concerned person about everyones problems. Yes, I am nosy. So their problems are my problems as their concerns are mine aswell. I can be really annoying when it comes to be an addiction such as cigarettes or alcohol - "Didn't you just smoke a cigarette? Why do you need another one?" I just can't stop thinking on all the problems this addictions can turn on future and how miserable and horrible it can get in future! 

When I look at myself I don't see how I could possibly be addicted to something in physical way. Because it's impossible that my personality would allow me to get to such a point that in my mind settles as the worst possibility ever. 

But then I think "sex" and... I lost, goodbye.

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