Ivan Piseta On Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Where soul meets body is where I want to be. I really believe that for being well a person needs to be ok with body, mind and soul. Asfor, everyday is a battle for happiness and only the brave ones can achieve that. Also, I don't see it as something final, something you get finally at some point. I actually see it as an everyday brick by brick fight. And this is how I try to live and for that I like to talk through my problems, to understand them, to understand myself and change what I think is not good. 

Braveness is even harder, because you have to learn each day to let go of things and people. I think something I already achieved is the way to let go of material stuff and there my mom had a really important role. Although it was not clear during my childhood, now I can see how good it is to let go - that doesn't mean, of course, that I don't value what I have, because I also believe on effort... it's just I don't get very sad or obsessed over things like that, but I rather value good actions and efforts over objects. 

People though... They are hard to let go. Specially their actions. That's something very hard for me, as I absorve everything so fast and it's so hard for me to let it pass. Rationally, I know I should just leave it behind, but my heart and I dont know what else keep feeling and making me feel bad. 

Habits, they are the worst. I have a bad habit of complaining about everything, for example. And when it comes to changing, it is the hardest part, because even if you mentalize it you will end up doing again eventually, at least at the beginning. And people won't forget, even if you change - and that's actually the worst of it - cause no one values your effort for being a better person.

So, disciplining my head not to mind about everything and to have my body safe, healthy and relaxed are not enough. What else? Soul. Soul for me is about doing the good and the right, and that's why everything have to be conected, because I can only become a better person if I feel it is the right thing to do, that it is worthy even if its not on short terms. And that's why goodness has to be on my way.

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