Ivan Piseta On Saturday, January 17, 2015

What if two people are meant to be together? What if we came to earth already with bound to someone else? Yes, I am a believer of the old and horrifying "meant to be". It is really fucking scary, because what if you find your true one and only love of your life and you mess it up with it? Or if the person dies or if something as stubbornness hold them apart for a hole life?

This song is both light and heavy. Happy and sad. Inspirational and horrifying. I heard it from the "I Origins" movie and this description is therefore inspired on what Sofi says and what the movie means to me.

As my mom always says: detach, let it go, because we won't keep anything material from this life on. Or as the song says: dust if off. We can meet in another life (fucking horrifying).

Don't be tempted to look back
It has all happen before
Someday miracular spread will forgive
Every cowardly thing that you've done.

That I've done.
Dust it off.

Edit: after some time (and some shit done) I caught better the meaning of this song (or maybe it became a little different for me). Maybe not in another life, but if two people that are meant to be together mess it up and do things so powerfuly hurtful? (is this right?) The song says exactly what we need to do: dust if off. And for me, love is greater than that.

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