Ivan Piseta On Wednesday, December 25, 2013

  This summer I'm going to winter (you see, down the Equador line it is summer now!!)! I'm going to a nice place in the northwest of Italy, where I'll be doing voluntary work for six weeks - deliver lessons in Schools for teenagers between 11-18 years old about food security, human rights, environment and other topics like my own culture. The classes will be all in english, sooo, I have to prepare them all in Brazil before I go. By the way, I'm going on the January 15th and coming back to Brazil at the March 11th. As my voluntary job ends by the third of March, I'll be able to travel a little longer, besides the weekends.
  This is the second exchange I'm doing and it's amazing to see how many people are always involved on those things - first of all AIESEC, which you can get to know a little bit more in here, specially AIESEC Florianópolis, who has an amazing crew that inspired and helped me a lot in all the process of choosing a spot. And of course my family, who's always there for me and, undoubtedly, without their help, I wouldn't be able to do this. 
  Oh, and before anyone asks, the song from the video is called "Light me up", by Kathryn Ostenberg.

Foto by: Viajeaqui.abril.com.br

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